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Christmas Pudding Traditions! Stir up Sunday...

Christmas Pudding Traditions! Stir up Sunday...

This is traditionally the day in which families gather to stir, and steam, the Christmas pudding. A little ahead of the game, we've already gathered as a family at LHC HQ around a very sticky table, to collectively execute a much treasured family recipe: our founder Steve's grandmother's pudding.

It's not something we can imagine festivities without, so this year we're sharing the recipe with you. We can promise you, it's simple and it's a keeper.

The question is... which honey for the pudding? We've got two particular favourites here, Ling and Zambian, both of which have a particularly thick and treacle-like texture which is a pleasure to spoon into the mix.

More importantly both have the strength of character to sing through in the finished result. Our Ling honey has the savoury aromatics of the heather moors, and Zambian distills the nectar of the rainforest. Thanks to the utter remoteness of this particular nectar, it is also possible to truly call this one organic.

We'd recommend Zambian for any gingerbreads, parkins, malt loaves and fruit cakes you might happen to find yourself baking too. Or set yourself up with our new family size 1kg Blossom tubs — always pure single origin, always British, and always better value…


100g Self raising flour
100g Suet
100g Breadcrumbs
100g Soft dark sugar
100g Raisins
100g Currants
100g Sultanas
100g Mixed peel
2 tbsp Ling Heather honey (or one of your favourite London Honeys)
1 Apple grated
1/2 tsp Salt
1 tsp Mixed spice
1/2 Lemon, juice & rind
1/2 Grated carrot
50g Chopped almonds
3 Free range medium eggs
2 tbsp Sherry or brandy
Splash of milk 
Butter for greasing
Mix all of the ingredients together, stirring well.
Allow to rest overnight if you have the time.
Put the mixture into a prepared greased 1.5l bowl.
Cover with a lid or greaseproof paper or to foil, tie with string to secure it.
Place the pudding bowl into the pan of simmering water or
a slow cooker for 4 hours.
On Christmas Day -
Gently warm or steam for 1.5-2 hours.
Turn the pudding out onto a serving plate and finish with a large drizzle of honey and a generous chunk of beautiful Ling Heather Honeycomb. Serve with custard, cream or brandy butter and enjoy...!
Very special thanks to our little pudding helpers,  Nina and Olivia who helped to create something extra special at Honey HQ  this year.
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