London Honey Company History

In 1999 I was missing my rural Shropshire roots and simply had to find a way to bring a bit of the countryside into my life in the capital. I considered keeping pigeons or pigs, but inspired by my encounters with, as then illegal, rooftop beekeepers in New York during my days as a photojournalist, I installed honeybees on my roof in Tower Bridge.

With urban beekeeping almost unheard of at the time, this simple act captured the zeitgeist: an appetite for pure natural food to be brought back into the heart of the city, for food to come straight from where it is made without interference and to let a quality ingredient speak for itself. The London Honey Company was born.

We were quickly invited to some of the capital’s most iconic rooftops including Fortnum and Mason and the Tate art galleries. Our honeycomb is now a regular feature on the plates of chefs including Angela Hartnett, Marcus Waring and Skye Gyngell, as well as on the shelves of food halls in London and on the continent.

We love sharing our enjoyment of living and working alongside the bees. Interest in urban beekeeping continues to grow across the UK and globally, we have hosted a delegation from the Japanese government and my first book The Urban Beekeeper is now available in Korean!

Our zesty, complex honey from our rooftop beehives has inspired us to site honeybees across England to capture the variety of the isles landscapes in single origin, raw honey: ling heather, Kent woodsage, Salisbury plain wildflower and more. Unable to be everywhere at once we also source honey from like-minded beekeepers allowing us to offer a difficult to rival range of honey.

London Honey Mead

Enjoying, as we do, refreshing tradition and reintroducing people to timeless pleasures, in 2015 we launched our own mead. In 2016 we have launched two organic honeys capturing a taste of Finland and Zambia. Daily we are inspired by the beauty, purity and craftsmanship of the bees and their honey.

Steve Benbow,
Founder of the London Honey Company

The London Honey Company are purveyors of the finest single origin, raw honey, honeycomb, handmade 100% beeswax candles and 100% British mead. Our range is available in quality shops as well as from our online store and railway arch.

The London Honey Company railway arch can be found at Spa Terminus, in Bermondsey. Spa Terminus is an area of like-minded businesses dedicated to quality food production and distribution, on Saturdays ourselves and a large number of other businesses in the neighbourhood open our doors for the general public to buy food.


As well as keeping our own beehives, we look after honeybees on behalf of esteemed clients such as Fortnum and Mason. We don’t sell their honey directly however you can find it for sale in their shops. We supply some superb chefs, stores and producers and enjoy collaborating with businesses whose ethos and heritage resonates with us.

For information about working with us, please see the Business to Business section of our website or email

The Fat Duck
Fortnum & Mason
Cafe Munro


The London Honey Company is proud to be passing on the craft of beekeeping traditions to a new generation, through our participation in Beefarmers Association Apprenticeship Scheme which takes 3 years to complete.

Please contact us for further information or to find out about our apprenticeship openings.