Efficiency is dogma in modern Britain, when it comes to travel we tend to choose speed and low cost over style and enjoyment, but sometimes shouldn’t the journey itself be as good as the destination?

Trains were by far the dominant mode of long distance transport in Britain during World War Two but these beautiful old machines have mostly been brushed aside to make way for modern locomotives, which really have drained the glamour out of travelling by train. It is now seen as a way of getting from A to B and little more.

However after starting life on the wing, our honey has found its way onto a rather special train. Forget binoculars and bobble hats, you’re going to have to look sharp for the Belmond British Pullman. Belmond are experts in travelling in exquisite style, offering a collection of hotels, river cruises, safaris and trains, including the Venice Simplon Orient Express, as well as the Belmond British Pullman.

For a "staycation" with luxury, the Belmond British Pullman offers trips to spectacular locations all across Great Britain, whether it’s a week-long trip to Cornwall or a weekend getaway to Bath. All these timeless trips are guaranteed to help you arrive in a manner to ease your stress and rekindle your appreciation for the British countryside.

Staff waiting to help you aboard the luxury British Pullman


he British Pullman is helping to keep craftsmanship and heritage alive. The intricate wood panelling that decorates the walls is the work of Cheryl Dunn.

The British Pullman is helping to keep craftsmanship and heritage alive. The intricate wood panelling that decorates the walls is the work of Cheryl Dunn. Cheryl is a master of her complex and beautiful craft using the same tools as her father and grandfather before her.

Not only are the interiors works of craftsmanship, Belmond Pullman is also a fantastic supporter of Britain’s best food, our honey included. Check for their latest dates and destinations for Fine Dining Excursions, such as a decadent day trip with an on-board champagne brunch on route to a two-Michelin-starred lunch at chef Raymond Blanc's Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons, with dessert served on the return journey. 


Luxury dining aboard the Belmond Pullman train


Luxury dining aboard the Belmond Pullman


London Honey Company Ling Heather Honeycomb being prepped for the British Pullman trainOn other occasions you need not even leave the train, as noteworthy chefs take up residence in the on board kitchen for an evening of fine dining, still to come in 2018 are dinners with Tom Kerridge and Michelle Roux amongst others. We’re excited that our honeycomb is now travelling in luxury, glamour and style. Our London honeycomb and Ling Honeycomb feature as part of the Belmond's on board cheeseboard.

For the big kids, Paddington afternoon teas are also available on their trains. Paddington 2 was a huge hit with the British public in late 2017 and if you haven’t seen it already then I would highly recommend it. The film included a high-speed train chase taking place on the world famous Belmond Pullman steam train. For many of us, what was really intended to be a children’s film developed in to a rather guilty pleasure warming our hearts in the winter months. 

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