New Zealand Manuka Honey 200g NPA 15+

New Zealand Manuka Honey 200g NPA 15+


Our New Zealand Manuka Honey is a monofloral honey variety produced by bees foraging on leptospermum scoparium flowers during the southern hemisphere spring months. This is an exceptional crop as the beekeepers travel for days in order to reach production sites immersed far into the wilderness of the manuka bush valleys.

The honey produced is thixotropic so naturally found inside the hive in a jelly like consistency, but typically turns runny when mixed. The colour is typically a dark red amber with a floral and highly aromatic flavour profile.

There are various ways to categorise the level of antibacterial properties this honey can offer. We test batches of Manuka for Methylglyoxyl (MGO); You'll find this value on our labels alongside the Non-Peroxide Activity (NPA) which is a more renown value, but both relate to the strength of the antibacterial properties. 

Our pure New Zealand Manuka Honey comes from beekeeping family businesses , is always unpasteurised and has NPA of 15+. 

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