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British Honey Duo: Ling Heather & Shropshire Creamed

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British Honey Duo: Ling Heather & Shropshire Creamed


The perfect pairing of two classic and very contrasting British honeys - each honey carries the signature of the individual landscape. 

Ling Heather Honey

Strong and aromatic, ling heather honey is highly prized. It has a jelly-like consistency which distinguishes it from other honey.  A rich amber colour, with bitter-sweet notes and flavours of caramel and stone fruit.

This natural honey is amazing with yoghurt, dried fruits and cheeses, or in granola recipes for a fantastic weekend treat.

Shropshire Creamed Honey

An old fashioned British spring honey from the clover pastures and wildflower hedgerows of Shropshire. From beehives nestled on an old country estate not far from Shrewsbury. Delicious in fruit smoothies or for making homemade honey granola.

Location: Shropshire, UK

Our honey is always unpasteurised and minimally filtered retaining its natural properties. Natural honey's health benefits have long been recognised by communities all over the world.

2 x 250g Jars

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