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Pure Honey, Heather Honeycomb 170g

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Heather Honeycomb captures the late summer floral bloom of the remote and wild heather moors.

This distinct aromatic, floral honey is jelly-like in consistency and is highly prized. 

Nutty cheeses go well with rich bittersweet heather honey such as Pecorino Sardo or a good quality British cheddar. The sweetness balances the saltiness well. Serve squares of cheese with honeycomb on top as a canapé.

Equally delicious for breakfast on greek yogurt or atop rich fruit and sponge puddings.

Cut straight from the beehive, this is a delicious treat: pure honey in its most natural state. The whole comb can be eaten, the beeswax has a bite and is lightly chewy.  Natural honey's health benefits have long been recognised by communities all over the world.

Our indulgent honeycomb portions are carefully hand-cut from our full frames before being individually packed.

170g pack

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