Organic Honey, from the Zambian Forest
Organic Honey, from the Zambian Forest Organic Honey, from the Zambian Forest Spoon with raw unpasteurised pure organic honey zambian Zambian beehive

Organic Honey, from the Zambian Forest


Dark and rich, this organic honey supports sustainable beekeeping livelihoods in the pristine miombo forests at the source of the Zambezi. Wild honeybees move into bark beehives tucked high into the tree canopy to escape the honey badgers. Twice a year, a proportion of the honeycombs are harvested and brought out of the forest, as it has been for centuries.

With notes of treacle, whisky and dried fruits this rich honey is perfect for adding depth to meat marinades.

Our honey is always unpastuerized and minimally filtered retaining its natural properties. Natural honey's health benefits have long been recognized by communities all over the world. This dark tropical blossom honey is rich in bioflavanoids from tropical forest trees and plant species.

10p from every jar sold goes to the charity Bees for development who support rural communities in developing countries to earn extra income from sustainable beekeeping. 

Location: Zambia

Beekeeper: From multiple honey hunters.

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