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British Honeycomb Trio

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NEW: We've refreshed our beautiful Trio of British Honeycomb.

special and indulgent way to experience the diversity of fresh honeycomb, straight from the hive. 

Curated to celebrate three of our seasonal harvests across the UK. Each Trio of Honeycomb contains;

  • 1 x 80g Essex Borage Honeycomb
  • 1 x 80g Lancashire Ling Heather Honeycomb
  • 1 x 80g Wiltshire Wildflower Honeycomb 

This natural honey literally comes straight from our beehives and is freshly cut by hand. The whole comb can be eaten - the beeswax is lightly chewy and packed with pollen and many additional nutrients. As honey and honeycomb don't go off, you can simply enjoy each honeycomb at your own pace.

Our British Trio makes a wonderful feasting centerpiece and can be enjoyed with sweet and savoury dishes including cheese and charcuterie boards.

Natural honey's health benefits have long been recognised by communities all over the world.

3x80g / 240g Pack.

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