Today we received an update from Nicola who runs Bees for Development, the amazing charity which helps vulnerable communities in poor countries to achieve self-sufficiency through beekeeping. I was heartened to hear how one of our donations to the charity is being used, to know that we are supporting others far away to share in our rather special livelihood and the lifeline which income from beekeeping is when other crops fail.

So I thought you too may enjoy reading her email, as your honey purchases support Bees for Development, with 10p from the sale of every jar of our organic honeys going to this wonderful charity.

Dear Steve and Team at London Honey Co.

Thank you for your kind donation in July.  Just one example of how your donation is being used:  we are busy working with our local partner organisation in eastern Uganda where small-holders like Peter Gimaswa (pics attached) have lost this year’s maize crop because of a newly arrived invasive crop pest Fall army worm.  Fortunately Peter can rely on his bees, and thanks to the training he has received from us, is selling honey to buy food for his family - in place of the maize they have lost.  Now other people are asking for Peter’s help to show them how to get started with bees.  In Uganda, and the other places where we are working, beekeeping is helping rural people to build diverse and resilient livelihoods to counter their tremendous vulnerability.  Your donation is enabling us to provide this help. 

As you know, we are a very tiny charity, working hard over many years to help some of the poorest people in the best way that we can, and we greatly appreciate your support.  With sincere thanks, and looking forward to meeting again at next week’s book launch!


A farmer with a damaged corn crop in Uganda, he is now relying on his honey harvest for income