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Dog lying down with an ear cocked

Teal: A Beekeeper's Best Friend

We thought that it was about time that we properly introduced the team's favourite member. Meet Teal, officially Steve's dog, he's now great friends with the the whole team and has become an integral part of the company.

Teal often goes beekeeping with Steve, or Nic if Steve's stuck in the office. He's great company and is quite at home cruising between apiaries in the truck, especially if he gets to sit on a lap. When he gets bored waiting for beekeeping to finish he'll be found reenacting great acts of bravely, like slaying a snake, with the help of an old plastic spiral tree guard. 

Like the rest of us, Teal doesn't get to spend all his time on the moors or down on the coast beekeeping, but luckily he's  at home in the city. The recent closure of Tower Bridge has made getting the truck across town difficult so Teal is now being ferried between meetings in a bespoke scooter carrier complete with doggles. He loves the attention and chin tickles this gets him at traffic lights!

He is a dog of habit, sticking to his work regime of spending several hours busily chasing and eating poor honeybees who have wondered into the office between his regimented 11am and 3pm dog biscuit treat breaks, strictly monitored by Pippa, before scooting home for tea.

We definitely agree with the research on the benefits to morale and wellbeing of having a dog at work.



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