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Zambian beehive

Introducing Our New Organic Honeys

Since 1999 from our origins on London’s rooftops, we’ve travelled to the moors, down to the coast - siting beehives and befriending beekeepers, to source the most interesting pure honey. Now we’ve ventured past our shores and overseas to bring you a taste of other lands. We are delighted to launch two organic honeys. These contrasting honeys are from two very different areas of the world and two very different type of beekeeper.

Organic Honey, Finnish Forest   

The first of the organic honeys range is a Zambian organic forest honey. Steve knows this honey well as during his previous life as a journalist he photographed and worked with the beekeepers in Zambia who collect this honey. Steve even named his son after one of the amazing beekeepers who lives off collecting this wild honey - Ned. With the help of millions of wild honeybees the honey is collected from high up in the trees, a little differently to how we do things back home. In the Miombo forest by the source of the Zambezi river, this natural honey is tucked away in bark beehives up in the trees where it is safe and away from threats such as honey badgers.

This pure honey is about as organic as it gets, sourced from a collective of local beekeepers it has been harvested using the same ancient methods for centuries. It’s dark and rich with notes of treacle, whisky and dried fruits and is definitely one you don’t want to miss out on trying. We like to use it in meat marinades or in fruit cake. 

Our other organic honey we have carefully picked for you is a Finnish organic forest honey. This pure organic honey comes from Korpiaho in central Finland, from what is a truly beautiful setting. A lot lighter than the Zambezi honey, this is a favourite of the locals (both people and bears).

Beekeeper Marja Komppa's farm on the edge of the forest in Korpiaho, central Finland.

Beekeeper Marja Komppa's farm on the edge of the forest in Korpiaho, central Finland.


In the short summers that Finland has the bees fly 24 hours a day collecting from wild raspberry and lingonberry flowers which helps to give this wild honey its unique floral taste. The beehives are under the loving care of beekeeper Marja Komppa, who likes to use it for sweetening wild berry tarts or spreading on rye bread for a quick breakfast.

10p from the sale of every jar of our organic honey goes to Bees for Development who work to support people in the world’s poorest regions to keep bees for food and livelihood.

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