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Letters to a Beekeeper, Signed Copy


Steve's new book is here! Steve, the founder of the London Honey Company, met Alys, the Guardian gardening writer, whilst they were speaking on the same panel at a literary festival. Letters to a Beekeeper was born.

This is the story of how, over the course of a year, the two friends share their passions: Alys learns how to keep bees and Steve learns how to plant a pollinator-friendly garden.

A collection of engaging correspondence between Alys and Steve, their letters, emails, texts, recipes, notes and glorious photos create a record of the trials, tribulations, rewards and joys of working with, rather than against, nature. And along the way, you will pick up a wealth of advice, tips and ideas for growing food and keeping pollinators well fed.

Letters to a Beekeeper is for lazy gardeners, novice beekeepers and everyone in between. It is the best rule-breaking, wildlife-friendly, guerilla, urban gardening, insect-identifying, honey-tasting, wax-dripping, epistolary how-to book you could ever hope to own.

Here's a lovely review of the book from Gardens Illustrated. 

A massive thank you to all our supporters who helped us fund the publication of this book and in doing so supported not only us, but the bees and other beasties who we hope will be better off as a result.