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Free Delivery on all orders over £50

Stoneware Honey Pot & Spoon

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Handmade Stoneware Honey Pot & Spoon

We believe honey has a place on every table and we are delighted to share with you our latest collaboration with Leach Pottery ceramicist, Kat Wheeler.

Handmade pots for our handmade honey.

We specially commission these beautiful pots to perfectly hold one of our London Honey Co glass jars, simply slip your favourite jar of honey inside the pot and serve. The lovely ceramic lid perfectly covers the open honey jar.

This year, we are especially delighted to introduce our quite unique stoneware honey spoons.

Handcrafted by Kat in St Ives, they're cast into plaster, in two parts, a process called press moulding. Carefully crafted before being glazed, each spoon has been created to perfectly hold and drizzle your favourite honey.

Every pot and spoon is individually decorated using a malachite slip and ash glaze and is quite a unique creation due to the process involved. Perfectly formed, they look beautiful on any kitchen table.

Don't forget to add a delicious jar of honey from our collection to pop inside.

* Kat is deputy studio manager at the famous Leach Pottery, St Ives.

The Leach Pottery was founded in 1920 by Bernard Leach and Shoji Hamada, and is among the most respected and influential studio potteries in the world. Over the last hundred years it has forged the shape of Studio Pottery in the UK and beyond.
In 2008 The Leach Pottery was reopened to the public as a Museum, Shop and Studio in St Ives. As a registered charity they are an ambassador for pottery, a champion for the handmade, and an open door for communities to access creativity. 

Please note: Due to the nature of the process colours may vary. Our pots carry Kat’s stamp, not that of Leach as it is her private work.