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Menu Spy...Inspiration from the Chefs

Menu Spy...Inspiration from the Chefs

Firedog W1: Chargrilled plums, kaymak, honey, salted pistachios & toasted brioche. Photo from @Firedogw1 on twitter.

Firedog in West London offer Aegean inspired food, think Greek and Turkish flavours.Their chargrilled plums are a brilliant brunch idea. Kaymak is similar to clotted cream, but traditionally can be made with milk from water buffalos or sheep, as well as cows milk. So if you wanted to recreate this at home you could swap out the kaymak with clotted cream. We recommend generously drizzling with Bell Heather Honey.

This ticks all the boxes, with the brilliant combination of tart fruit, sweet honey and salt from the nuts. 



Fera, Claridges: Forced Yorkshire rhubarb, used on their dessert menu with London Honey Company honeycomb 

Fera, Claridges: Forced Yorkshire rhubarb with rose, douglas fir yoghurt, honeycombPhoto from Feraatclaridges on Instagram. 

Under Simon Rogan's direction Fera has brought a wilder flavour to Claridge's, using lots of exciting foraged and seasonal ingredients.

Whilst we're not all Simon Rogan and team, don't be scared to try adding a little rose water to your rhubarb whilst it's cooking. Keep the rhubarb fairly tart so that you can enjoy it served with a slice of British Summer Honeycomb and yoghurt.

Garnish with rose petals. If you don't have access to your own fresh roses that you know are nasty spray free then you can buy roses grown for eating from Maddocks Farm Organics . Alternatively you can now buy dried rose petals in some shops, so check in your local deli (if not try Waitrose).

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