I thought I'd share with you a little ditty of an update that I wrote to go out with the summer wholesale catalogue, the summer is often so busy that we can be guilty of going quiet on our customers - forgive us, it's not you, it's the beekeeping!

June sees the summer days reach their longest, with the ladies often flying late into the warm evenings, making the most of the nectar flows and returning laden with colourful pollen stuck to their legs. We too are utilising the extended daylight hours, often checking on hives in Shropshire and the Cotswolds on the same day before returning to London.

Happily, the British Summer Honeycomb portions and a wider selection of whole frames are available again, as the first of this year’s honeycomb has been cropped from our Kent beehives and by our good friend Robert Field on the Isle of Purbeck – both capture the bounty of flowers in the early hedgerows, notably hawthorn nectar.

Don’t forget to toast the summer with a glass of cold mead!