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Free Delivery on all orders over £50
A quick beginners guide to buying honey

A quick beginners guide to buying honey

What are the different ‘types’ of honey and why does it matter?

There are thousands of honey varieties and flavours out there and most of these will be unique to a country, region or even more specific locations. We are doing our best to identify and offer honeys from the different landscapes around the UK. 
Generally speaking we can differentiate between runny, creamed or hard set or even jelly like honeys. The taste of honey covers the whole spectrum from salty, sweet, sour, bitter and umami, but what makes each and every one unique is the aroma and scent they carry. 
If I want a plain, all-rounder honey which one do you recommend?

The colour of the honey is a good first indicator of what it will taste like. If it’s dark it will have a stronger flavour and paler will have a more subtle flavour. From our range of honeys I would recommend one of our County single variety honeys from apiaries in either Oxfordshire , Isle of Purbeck or Salisbury. These are sweet and floral everyday runny honey.
Try the Borage for the lighter, gentle touch. Those who like a stronger flavour should try a Bell Heather, Ling Heather and even the Zambian organic. 
Why not just get the cheap supermarket honey?
Cheap honeys are more likely to be industrial honeys matured in a factory environment if not even adulterated with the use of syrups and resins in a country where this is legal to do so. 
These honeys won't offer any flavour, or the goodness of a natural product with all the nutrients and pollen grains of an unpasteurised, unblended product from a beekeeper. 
If you are interested sustainability and supporting our ecosystem this is a good start. Our honeys are minimally filtered and are never blended. All our products are single variety; from one beehive which offers a real signature flavour of that specific landscape at that time of year. We pride ourselves in having control over the whole supply chain from field to jar.
I don’t like honey, how do I go about liking it?

Next time you go on holiday make sure you try the local honey! You'll soon realise that the variety of honeys out there is huge and most importantly there is a honey for each and every one of our sophisticated palates.

We genuinely think there’s a honey for everyone. Someone are sweet some are not very sweet. Finding out which you lean towards will help your journey to liking
honey. We offer a taster kit which can help you decide if it’s all a bit overwhelming: 
Contact us if you can't find a honey you like and one of our honey experts will most likely be able to recommend you a honey you'll like.
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